Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Boipeba Island?

Boipeba is the island where Iris Beraud and Igor Olszowski opened a restaurant in October 2009 called Chez Iris et Igor. After different travels around the world and artistics experiences in France, they decided to change radically their way of life and chose to create a restaurant as a daily and global project. Passioned by history of food and cooking, they published recently a recipe book and organised a gastronomic festival in Petropolis, Brazil.

The restaurant will be the place of gathering for the participants. They could make culinary research and enjoy the place. The banquet will be organised in front of the restaurant. Very familiar with the island and surroundings, Iris and Igor will help us to make contacts, find materials and accomodations in Boipeba.

Pictures : the island and the restaurant (Credit : Chez Iris & Igor and Paula Perrier)

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